Hiring Post Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING -

Are you looking for talent? Then this is the right forum for you.
Paid work, only.
If you are looking for pro bono help, please go to the Non-Commercial Collaboration forum instead.


Important! All job offers should have the following information:

Topic title:
Should include JOB TITLE and LOCATION.

WHO is offering the job? Are you hiring for a company? A Team? Tell us something about you.
WHERE is the job? Repeat your location and additional options (e.g. home office) if applicable.
Is this a FULL TIME or PART TIME position?
DURATION - is this a fixed term or contract position?
JOB DESCRIPTION - a task list with key responsibilities.
QUALIFICATION - a list with required qualification & experience for the job.
DOCUMENT - required documents for the application, e.g. portfolio, Curriculum Vitae, Résumé etc.

CONTACT DETAILS - always add contact details / means for interested employees. This is a public forum space, so be wary of spam.

Benefits and Salary expectations - you are more likely to get the perfect hire when you include a line or two on benefits and compensation.
If you are recruiting for a specific project which isn't under NDA, consider giving more information about the nature of said project. Best practice is to start a topic in our Showcase Gallery and then link your project here, so people can evaluate what they will be working on.


Job offers that lack this amount of information might be deleted without further notice.
If you need more help or ideas how to write a job description, please check out the Crytek career pages.

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