(MaxControl) Looking For Gameplay Programmer

Hi folks, we're Eierkop Games a small indie studio from germany.
Currently we're looking for an experienced gameplay programmer to support our development team for MaxControl.
For more than two and a half years we're working on MaxControl and now we switched into CRY V.

Now we're looking for someone with much experience in programming (C++, C#, Schematyc) and specially in CRYENGINE. Gameplay and code implementation is a main part for this position.
You will work closely with the team and specially with our programmer Ben, which is one of the founder of MaxControl.


- Participate actively in the development by providing recommendations and proposals for the improvement of the production cycle.
- Create a compelling and thrilling game experience together with our team.
- Integrate various design processes.
- Work together with us and the existing Engine-code to develop and improve the gameplay for a premium project.
- Compile the most accurate estimates of work duration with us.
- Optimize and debug code for PC platforms.
- It is important for you to be able to handle the occurring tasks in an effective and focused manner with us.
- Develop well designed software together with us.


- A passion for RTS games would be nice but it isn't a must.
- Professional experience as a programmer.
- Professional experience with the CRYENGINE.
- Experience with current PC development processes.
- German skills would be appreciated, but aren't required.
- A solid comprehension of C++ in a development environment for games.
- Experience in the work with script languages and/or node based scripting.
- Good communication skills with preparedness for transparency.

What you can expect from us:

- Work from home.
- Communication with the team via Skype, Teamspeak, Discord etc.
- A refreshing atmosphere in a young and slightly crazy team.
- Flexible work time.
- Access to our network.
- Good salary.
- Freelance work possible.

About Eierkop Games / MaxControl

Hey we are Eierkop Games a small indie studio from germany (founded 2015), that arose from the passion for games of two brothers. Our limitless fascination for strategy and action games led us to our big dream: To make a game that fuses all our favorite genres into one single game. After more than two and a half years of hard work we've made astonishing progress and a talented team emerged, hell-bent on realizing our big dream. With MaxControl (currently in tech alpha state), we're concentrating on a strategic shooter hybrid from various perspectives. Every playable view opens up new possibilities, either alone against the AI or against other players.
Build your base without limits, order your military across the map with strategic skills or conquer important areas and essential resources. Every task can be taken over by any player at all times, there are no fixed positions.

We've picked your interest, then please send us a description of yourself and your references to

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

To get more information about MaxControl and the team behind it, check this out:

MaxControl on Steam
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