XPogo Game Looking for Environment and Object Artists [remote]

Hi everyone

My name is Forrest and I have been working in cryengine for a few years now and am working on a pogo stick game.

XPogo is a game that is designed to simulate something like this:

I have already made a prototype of the game including the base physics and it is this:

I am aiming for the finished product to be similar to the Tony Hawk franchise or skate. I believe the extreme sport Xpogo has grown enough to have a game and am marketing towards sports enthusiasts. I am working in 5.2 and will be using this at least until demo completion to avoid engine update conflicts.

The tasks I am willing to pay for are to create a pogo stick for the game and to design a pogostick park for the setting. The video above showcases examples of both.

If you have the skills please contact me at fkhaller@gmail.com and we can discuss payment based on the quality of your work. Jobs will be paid half at start and half apon completion. I will post other jobs as they become important to the games development. Please email about jobs do not post here. Include past work or portfolio link in email. General questions about the project can be asked here if something needs further explaination.


Re: XPogo Game Looking for Environment and Object Artists [remote]

Found someone for the environment and objects. Will post additional jobs here as they arise.
I am a freelancer. I 3D Modeler - Texturing - Animator
if like this a bit, and can be a possibility of a work for me. I we talk about how you want the models/etc and I can do on that way.
contact me. VitorRibeiroVRD@hotmail.com <-- also my skype;

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