Warhorse Studios is looking for Senior Programmers

We are looking for an experienced programmer in C++ who likes games and wants to participate in the development of game systems.

  • Programming in C/C++, work with a 3rd party engine, experience in game development in multiple platforms, good knowledge of C/C++ programming and object design
  • Knowledge of the MS Visual Studio environment (editor, debugger, profiler)
  • Knowledge of 3D math
  • Experience with version control tools (SVN, Git, Perforce, etc.)
  • Positive approach and communicativeness
  • Experience in teamwork on a game project, even amateur and/or unfinished
  • Ability and willingness to learn new things
  • Good English language skills
  • Proficient in the Czech language
  • A completed multi-platform title
  • Experience in scripting languages (ideally Lua)
  • Good familiarity with games (ideally RPGs)
  • Experience in planning extensive projects (MS Project, Scrum, YouTrack)
We offer
  • An opportunity to work with the latest technologies on a worldwide successful game
If you believe you are a good match for a position, please send us your CV to jobs-code@warhorsestudios.cz


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