Programmer Wanted: Fluent or Quick study inCryEngine-Flowgraph Programming with a solid understanding of C+,C++,C#.

Alright....We ARE NOT your "typical" group of developers. We are a business with over a decade on the map. I'm looking for the best and you may not have a degree or certificate but those things don't mean you're a great programmer. We embrace individualism so no matter you're age or experience we weigh you as a potential working partner not a stack of paper that validates your abilities.

The first "Job" we are looking to pay for would be for optimization. If you are experienced at creating great LOD and other optimization we are too few and too busy creating content to work every angle of this project without adding another year to our already pushed release date.

We are also looking for PBR/Material Artists who excel in creating photorealistic materials. We are also paying "By the Job".

Virtual Revolution may still be working on our first release but that's mostly due to our desire to not compromise our vision and release another mediocre game/VR title. We are striving to release games that we would be willing to pay for ourselves and we believe the price of a game should include microtransactions!

Contracted or 'By Job" work for the right programmer with residual possibility.
PM for further details and hopefully we will be an NDA away from getting you to work
PC and Console Game/VR Developer
Virtual Revolution L.L.C.

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