Looking for experienced cryengine 3D Model/Artist for vegetation

This will be a paid job for the individual that is up for the task. The sooner the better of course, but I know people have things going on in their life and sometimes wont be able to work fully on something so I wont really be requesting a certain deadline. I will probably leave it to the individual who feels confident getting it done on there time. I'm looking for someone that is experienced with cryengine and 3D modeling software. I'm looking for realistic detailing in the objects that I would be using in my game. Textures i would want would be 4K PBR textures. I'm looking for realism. Realtime in game. I want to put cryengine's game engine to the test! To show how great this game engine is. I'm looking to start off with tree's (easy on the glossiness, leaves aren't even that shiny in person) , rocks, grass's, weeds, bush's, dead tree's, logs, river banks, and pond stuff. Collision, LOD's, and animation, like a lite breeze on the leaves and branches. I would like to be able to take the finished models and put them in the game and they work instantly without having to assign materials and what not. So pretty much click, drag, and use in game. Pretty much everything you would find in the woods. My game that I am going to be working on is going to take place in a open world post apocalypse. So eventually there is going to be buildings and house's later down the line with things you would see in the real world for the environment.

I would also like to see previous work that you have done. I'm looking for amazing realistic objects.

Of course I'll go into more detail with the person with what has to be done.

We can talk about money when it comes down to it. I know this is going to be expensive.

The main characters will be 5ft 11In. So that will be a height measurement to go by with modeling. I would like real sized objects you see in the world to be used as my objects in cryengine. I'm using the default CM scale so whatever the feet are for real life would be into converted to CM in cryengine.

These are real pictures to show what I'm generally looking for. I can supply more for later. Its only letting me post 3 for right now
Forest1.jpg (409.15 KiB) Viewed 5449 times
river vegetation.jpg
river vegetation.jpg (500.29 KiB) Viewed 5449 times
moss-on-rocks-15.jpg (1.1 MiB) Viewed 5449 times

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