UI Engineer at Campfire Games

Campfire Games, the developer of the American Civil War online multiplayer game War of Rights is currently looking to fill the position of being the team’s UI Engineer. Your primary task will be to get the current UI of the game ready for a Steam Early Access launch as well as expand it with several new features needed for such a launch.


• Develop, test, maintain and optimize the UI to work efficiently and effectively using CRYENGINE and Flash.
• Complete tasks in a timely manner and to a consistent high quality standard.
• Write clear, maintainable and portable code.
• Document source code, and write test cases when necessary.
• Work very closely with Programmers, Concept Artists and other Engineers.


• 1+ year of professional or 3+ years of educational experience, preferably in the games industry.
• Strong software engineering and debugging skills.
• Experience with writing custom controls, skins and other advanced UI features.
• Some knowledge of 3D math.
• Experience with CRYENGINE. With good understanding of UI Elements, Modules and Actions.
• Team player and self-driven.
• Willing to learn.
• Solid English skills and strong communication skills.
• Excellent understanding of Adobe Flash and Actionscript.


• Bachelor degree in Computer Science, a similar degree, relevant course or comparable experience.
• Good understanding of C++

What to Expect From Us:

Joining Campfire Games will get you on a highly passionate dev team with more than 6 years dedicated to War of Rights already (War of Rights is the first game by Campfire Games), a successful Kickstarter campaign, an ongoing crowdfunding campaign and a very dedicated alpha community. We are currently pushing out patches at a regular interval, so it is important to keep your work ready for customer feedback from an early stage.

Campfire Games consists of 10 people spread out across the world. We have an office in Denmark but the majority of all team members are remote workers, working from home. This allows us to be very flexible in terms of our work hours (there are no set times you have to work). The external work relation naturally comes with a great deal of trust between the work parties and we expect you to be very self-driven which is particularly needed when working remotely.

We’re able to offer anywhere from a part-time to a full-time position.

Contact & Application Process:

Please send your application to applications@warofrights.com and we will get back to you. If selected as a candidate for the position you may be invited to a technical interview as well as presented with a trial task.

We look forward to be hearing from you!

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