Download Free Book-C++ Programming in CryEngine 5.4-First Edition

I published my book, and, you can download now

First Edition-C++ Programming in CryEngine 5.4

Pages : 594
Volume : 17 MB

Language : Persian

Level : beginner to advanced

I considered for second edition , C++ AI Issues.

My book registered in iran national library, my book is free,so you can not sell my book,if you can or want translate to English, reserve my name and my family for translate my book to English, then you can sell your book(English) to people with name author : Ahmad Karami

For download my book , first, please you install telegram messanger in, then find and join to CryEngineProgrammer Channel or after install , click on the link :

Please comment your feedbacks.

Stay tuned

Re: Download Free Book-C++ Programming in CryEngine 5.4-First Edition

Thank you.

دستت درد نکنه خبلی خوبه .
نحوه آماده سازی و کد نویسی تو بازی
رو هم لطفا بزار
Thank you so much for your feedback
I searching for new results,but I think you better do for make games without GameSDK, you can make your game of zero level to great level without GameSDK, I tried in my book,use only c++, also I covered flowgraph and schematyc with video tutorials in my youtube channel.

خواهش میکنم دوست گرامی
ممنونم از نظرات تون
من تمام سعی ام را کردم که از سطح صفر تا پیشرفته مطالب را در کتابم پوشش بدم و دارم به نتایج جدیدی می رسم
بهتر است شما از صفر شروع کنید و از GameSDK استفاده نکنید

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