Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

Some Background
The reloaded project is one level that can be loaded as a Mod with the Crysis 1 Game.

There is a great talk from 2008 which has Bernd Diemer, Sten Huebler and Cevat Yerli talking about the making of Crysis for one hour. The original which has annoying noise in the background is here:

I took the liberty to clean the audio and you can get that version here (its a 70MB download though - direct on click): ...

It is a really interesting talk and touches on many aspects of Crysis and how and why they made it the way it is. Sten Huebler, who was the lead designer of Crysis, gives great insight into why the game seems so linear to me. All three agree that the Player/Gamer/Customer is King and should play the game with the utmost freedom of how she goes about it. But they cannot allow that because they feel the need to actually 'pace' the game and nudge the player into using nano suit features and they need objectives so they know where the player is when they tell him the story via cutscenes etc etc. One issue is probably the fear of 'frustrating' the player - don't make it too easy, don't make it too hard - and tell the player what to do and where to go to keep the game interesting. Of course that has to fail and make the game boring and predictable.

The whitelight video 'Crysis: 10 years later' is here:
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