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Some Background
The reloaded project is one level that can be loaded as a Mod with the Crysis 1 Game. Why make a level for a 10 year old game? Crysis 1 is exceptional. There is a youtube video by whitelight that gives a great summary on why the first Crysis is so special. He has also done 'reviews' of 2 and 3 which I watched since I never played those 2 games (I did play half an hour of Crysis 2 when it came out in Australia on a friends console and was not impressed). For me, who considers Crysis 1 gameplay to be linear, Crysis 2 and 3 are like movie shows on rails. I did play warhead* and that is an entertaining game but for me (and apparently many people) the amount of handholding and forcing the player how to play ruins this 'best shooter ever made' - especially in all followups of Crysis 1.
I don't think this is a bad thing that Crytek did, I think it is a natural outcome when a game studio needs to make money. Once you have a publisher investing a lot into a game you will have people trying to eliminate things from the game they might see as detrimental to sales. I don't know enough about the mechanics of the industry to be sure about that though. It is probably safe to say that me and all those complaining about aspects of Crysis 1 are a minority. And for these I am making Reloaded.

There is a great talk from 2008 which has Bernd Diemer, Sten Huebler and Cevat Yerli talking about the making of Crysis for one hour. The original which has annoying noise in the background is here:

I took the liberty to clean the audio and you can get that version here (its a 70MB download though - direct on click): ...

It is a really interesting talk and touches on many aspects of Crysis and how and why they made it the way it is. Sten Huebler, who was the lead designer of Crysis, gives great insight into why the game seems so linear to me. All three agree that the Player/Gamer/Customer is King and should play the game with the utmost freedom of how she goes about it. But they cannot allow that because they feel the need to actually 'pace' the game and nudge the player into using nano suit features and they need objectives so they know where the player is when they tell him the story via cutscenes etc etc. One issue is probably the fear of 'frustrating' the player - don't make it too easy, don't make it too hard - and tell the player what to do and where to go to keep the game interesting. Sandbox seems to be the freedom to walk zigzag in a fenced in square. Take the Assault mission which is actually shown in this talk as an example of player freedom / open gameplay. On start I leave the VTOL and I have to follow someone up the hill to encounter a cutscene which tells me what I have to do. Eliminate 3 AntiAircraft Guns - from now on I will be reminded all the time to do that because otherwise they cannot bring in their heavy machinery. So you have this dude in your ear telling you this over and over while you do it. When you eliminate one you are told good job but - there are still AntiAircraft Guns and you need to take them down so they can land with their heavy Birds ... rinse repeat. And this is a really nice level - ruined by the bickering Nanny telling me what is right before my eyes.
In the levels after Mine this gets worse. The second half of the game is a disaster (only talking for myself and I don't matter that much).

The internet is full of comments and threads on this

The whitelight video 'Crysis: 10 years later' is here:

So in Reloaded we can do what Crytek cannot do and get rid of all the stuff that is needed to sell a game - we can create what I would call real maximum GAME - thanks to their awesome cryengine 2 and Crysis 1 - the best FPS ever made.

oh, and since the Trigen Mutants where Cevats call we will dedicate the reloaded Trigen to him (if it turns out to be worthy that is).
* I bought the metal box (German) with Crysis, Warhead and Wars I think back then - And I have lost the box with the serials - haha - cannot play Warhead but Crysis, thank god is forgiving and all I need for this project.

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