Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

FarCry reloaded - change of plans:
just a heads up for the 32 people who are interested in this - there will only be 1 Level and it is going to take until December next year.

Should be a lot of fun, lets keep things rolling and I'll see you ... in 2020

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Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

Its back to the drawing board but looking good, you know me.
here is a sketch - going to cut and arrange the islands and maybe even join them in a row - I'd love to get rid of volcano and put river somewhere but either way, it's going to be one huge map - 2048x2048 1 unit 1 meter.
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Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

So here is the next iteration still wip draft - I am going to 'weld' some islands for the map of the century.
and a little comparison shot - as you know: 1024x1024 1 unit = 2 meters is 2048x2048 terrain size
tl;dr this could work (the reloaded heightmap is actually going to be 2048 x 2 meter)
farcryreloaded-heightmap-wip.jpg (729.06 KiB) Viewed 1890 times
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