Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

I have finished setting up the machine and installing the software. Crysis, Warhead and Crysis Wars with both SDK's, all the patches and a working FarCry installation for Reference. I still have an offline version of the original sandbox 2 manual from the old and all the old posts from Sandhesten and Intrepidbiped. Also found the old sandbox level cookbook videos and intrepids videos and a couple of others that will be immensely helpful. Rest of this week and the weekend is for getting re-aquainted with the sandbox 2 and setting up the templates for the screenshots which will make up most of this thread. Have to read up on documentation and wether I can use the updated sandbox from the crysis wars SDK or stick to the original one from crysis. Both are 64 bit and all is looking hunky dory. I forgot so much, but especially how much fun it is working in the sandbox - awesome program. Really enjoying this. How hard can it be... (hollow laughter, famous last words).

-- Thursday -- Its going to be the oldschool sandbox 2 that came with crysis and no assets or weapons etc specific to warhead / wars.

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