ShadowSide is a first-person adventure game. The game protagonist, Police Officer Alex White, arrives at a gas station. Suddenly, he spots a bus moving at a high-speed. Police Officer Henry Miller, who has been chasing the criminal, asks Alex for assistance. Henry reports that there is a bomb on the bus and that the bus must be stopped before it reaches the city. They get into the car and begin the pursuit.
Alex shoots at bus tires. The bus explodes all at once. Alex and Henry crash into the bus at high-speed.
Later, Alex wakes up in a strange room. He does not understand what is going on. It is the player’s task to find out what is actually happening.


- Mysterious and creepy atmosphere
- The game is developed with CryEngine V
- Puzzles and different problems for the player to tackle
- Interactive environment. The main character examines practically every object.

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