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become a Controler in MaxControl!
MaxControl is the first Base-Building, RTS, Shooter-hybrid in Cryengine and it’s currently in state of pre-alpha-development.

Welcome to the world of MaxControl. Here you are in the year 2034, shortly after the Great Depression, followed by seven years of global war. The two largest companies in the world (Global Resource and Stabil & Gut) wrestle for supremacy. Born as a mercenary, you are fighting against everything ... as long as the price is right. Explore an open world to develop new technologies, while you are fighting against your opponent with strategic skill, speed and team spirit. Produce and distribute various products to fulfill the needs of your employee’s satisfaction. Built bases with tactical skills and ensure your vital resources. Occupy both individual villages and entire regions to be faster, better and more efficient than your opponent ... .. if you want to survive.
The player discovers an open world and will be part of exciting battles, produces and trades resources of all kind in order to build his bases, produce units and occupy more territories. Skill, team spirit and swiftness are essential in this game.
Utilize a new form of real-time strategy within the teams. While in first person campaigns you plan together within the team, you have also the possibility to split logistics and military structures. Therefore, MaxControl offers the possiblity, to switch between the FPS, the base builder or the troops General.
Enter a world in which your strategy depends on resources, time oft day and weather conditions. Every place, every street and every building has to be used to plan ambushes, to take positions or to launch offensives. To be protected against the enemies, you will have to expand your tactical interplay permanently, so you are able to keep and conquer highly competitive areas.

Fight with Global Resource against all those who stand against you or will you move in battle with Stabil & Gut for glory and honor... You decide!

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Hi guys! I have to say that I discovered your game some time ago and really liked the idea. But I also thought that you didn´t make the most out of CE´s power. Now after I saw parts of your stream in which you use Quixel Suite, I think you are on a very good way and I wish you good luck!
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Re: MaxControl

Thanks for the feedback guys, we appreciate it.
Currently we're working on playable multiplayer character's for both teams, replacing placeholder specially buildings and planning kickstarter. So we're busy as muchh as we can. In the near future we will make a new announcment here.

Greetings from the whole team

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What We Will Implement In The Near Future
Hey Controllers,
apologies for our minimal communication with you. Because of health issues it wasn't possible for us yet to bring you any updates.
In March and April we had a bunch of internal tests. This time was very productive and opened new perspectives to us. We don't just want to depend on the Early Access release on Steam, so we decided to start a Kickstarter campaign. Planning and development takes some time and we are not all done yet. Furthermore we want to take on support money and we will set up a donations account on our website. After over two years of development without any external financial support we are now at a point where we need funds to help the team expand and keep working full time.
We want this project with you and all available resources. We need your help for that!

First of all, Kickstarter, campaign info and date will be announced soon.
When Kickstarter is successful, a few weeks after we will open the Closed Alpha for all Backers. Then we will work for a few weeks with the Backers to work on the ongoing development.
Secondly, a donations account on our website for support funds.
After the Closed Alpha we will start the Early Access.
In case theses actions won't be successful we will take and list the status quo of the game and start the Early Access on Steam with you together.
Your opinions and thoughts are important to us so please don't be shy and tell us.

We are so thankful for your patience and support!

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Re: MaxControl

Get Ready for our Kickstarter
we will hit the button and start our Kickstarter campaign on September 18!
We're really excited to show you guys what we have prepared and can't wait to start the campaign!
We've also opened a Discord server where we'll answer questions from time to time and where you can discuss the game or just meet to play. Join us!

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