Racing Glider W.I.P and Greenlight process

Hello everybody,

I come today to present you our new game:

Racing Glider.

We working on it for over a year and now is the time to introduce it.

Here you can see the first teaser

The game is planned as an early access to allow us to continue to improve it while listening to the feedback of the players.
There is now a Greenlight page for the project.
If you wish to support us please vote!

About the game:

Racing Glider reinvents old classics of futuristic racing games by offering rally type circuits in natural and fantastic environments.
You will need to master the inertia and physics of the hovercraft you will control to beat the times set and grab all medals.
Racing Glider offers a gameplay between speed and control that will make you discover a new kind of hovercraft.

Content planned during the early access:

- Career mode "Time Attack". You will win medals to unlock other tracks.
- Always more tracks throughout the development.
- Addition of game modes such as a mode "survival" and "endurance".
- Possible addition of other types of vehicles.
- Addition of challenges to unlock.
- Addition and improvement of "in-air" gameplay phase .
- And many more if you support us.

Here are some screenshots







Leave us all your criticism and feedback to help us to improve this project.
Thanks for your support and a big thank you to Crytek for allowing us to create games!

Re: Racing Glider W.I.P and Greenlight process

Racing Glider just got greenlight!

My biggest thank you to all of you who voted and supported Racing Glider!
I will continue to work very hard to present you a racing game that will change from what you already know.

I am currently working on user interfaces and menus.
This being already well advanced so I also work at the finalization of circuits in works.

Once this is done I would devote three or four weeks to the creation of new circuits in different universes. I want to do things in order so I would like to propose to the players a first version composed of a game mode "Time Attack" of a type of vehicle and a sufficient number of races to appreciate different aspect of the gameplay .

Of course, there will be additions afterwards such as new game mode and vehicle type, but my priority is to have an Early Acces game playable, fun and stable.

Thank you for giving me your vote, feedback and your support to my work.

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