Racing Glider Update 2 : Mantis

Hello Cryenginers,

An important update with the addition of the "Mantis Glider" a new all-terrain vehicle. Gameplay improvements for the "WindRanger". Direction, slip, brake, Fx etc ...
7 new circuits have been added. 4 of these circuits are playable with the "Mantis Glider".
A medal winning system to unlock levels has been added. As well as new graphical options, fix bugs and optimizations on the whole game.

Your opinions and reviews are as always welcome! I will take them into account for the next update.
Thank you for your support and have fun!

Steam page here : ... ng_Glider/


Update 2 Changelog:

Racing Glider V0.2:

-WindRanger 1.2:
-Changing steering min and max forces
-LateralSpring changed for more "sliding"
-AngularSpring changed for more "sliding"
-Turning forces conditions changed (Height/speed)
-Camera offset changed
-Particles Linked to animation
-Brake improvments (Slipping/forces/light)
-Animation speed reduced
-Velocity when decelerate changed
-T_scale back to 1.0

-New vehicle added : Mantis Glider 1.0
-Rally/Off-road vehicle
-Time attack mode with 4 circuits for "Mantis Glider"

-New levels:
-RankI : Nebula Stones
-RankIV : Earth EcoZ (New 3 laps system)
-RankIV : Shangri-La Clouds
-RankIV : Otziry Lonely Dusk
Mantis Glider:
-RankI : Otziry Field
-RankII : Earth ValleyCross
-RankIII : Shangri-La Lake
-RankIV : Otziry Lonely Dusk

-Menu improvments:
-Added system to unlock levels with medals
-Added vehicle selection menu Phase 1
-Added more graphic settings:
-Added motion blur to settings
-Added Shadows quality to settings
-Added Particles to settings
-Added AntiAliasing to settings

Fix and optimization:
-Fixed menu "Pause Game" and "Resume Game"
-Fixed FinishLine bug when respawn on finish
-LODs changed in many levels
-Earth Valleasy Optimized (Dome/Shadows/LODs)
-Volumetric Clouds Optimized
-Fixed Aerial Controll in Nebula Artefact


Finally, I will leave 5 steam keys of the game below. This will be the reward for the first ones to read this article.
If you take a key please leave a comment to tell others.


I wish you have fun! :)
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Re: Racing Glider W.I.P and Greenlight process

Racing Glider just got greenlight!

My biggest thank you to all of you who voted and supported Racing Glider!
I will continue to work very hard to present you a racing game that will change from what you already know.

I am currently working on user interfaces and menus.
This being already well advanced so I also work at the finalization of circuits in works.

Once this is done I would devote three or four weeks to the creation of new circuits in different universes. I want to do things in order so I would like to propose to the players a first version composed of a game mode "Time Attack" of a type of vehicle and a sufficient number of races to appreciate different aspect of the gameplay .

Of course, there will be additions afterwards such as new game mode and vehicle type, but my priority is to have an Early Acces game playable, fun and stable.

Thank you for giving me your vote, feedback and your support to my work.

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