Re: Racing Glider Update 2 : Mantis

Hello everyone,
Racing Glider is coming out of early access and is available on the Steam store ! ... ng_Glider/

After a long period of development I am happy to present you version 1.0 of the game.

Everything that was contained in previous versions has been improved, optimized and finalized.
Many circuits have been added as well as the diamond medal to offer an ultimate challenge to the player.
Racing Glider offers you to experience the antigravity racing game like never before thanks to a driving simulation completely managed by physics. All on more than 50 circuits, all very different.

A big thank you to everyone who supported and followed Racing Glider from the start.
Thanks to your support, your opinions and your ideas, I am now able to offer you this unique racing game experience.

I hope that many of you will appreciate and obtain all the medals.
If you like my work and you wan't to help me to promote it, please feel free to share it on your favorite social media.

Website :
Facebook : ... f=settings
Twitter :

Thank you for your support !

Re: Racing Glider Update 2 : Mantis

Hi there

Fast paced and tricky to navigate especially when boosting.
Valleycross took me some trys to get gold :D

One thing No sound options to mute the music or turn it down .
Music drown out the sound of the Glider.

A race mode with some Ai to compete against would add more fun.
And a online time trial leaderboard to give it some competitiveness a Sense of Competition.

Great graphics and Great fun .

i will do a steam review later and put some gameplay on youtube.

Thanks for the key.

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