Re: Cryengine interior Render

If i buy assets on let's say Turbosquid i obviously can't release those assets on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. That part is obvious. Not sure on the Evermotion license but it would be weird if they allowed that.

If he buys the asset he has a license to use that asset but certainly not to resell it on another marketplace ;)

Re: Cryengine interior Render

Great lighting and assets!! Any plans on releasing these assets on the marketplace?
Those assets are from Evermotion.
Since he owns (bought I assume) these assets, he can't do whatever he wants?Example: When I buy stuff on Evermotion I can't release them?
you can use the assets in cryengine or your game, but you can't resell them in another market or store, pretending that you made them yourself. For more info don't forget to read the licence agreement for evermotion or turbosquid or which ever place you buy assets.

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