CRYENGINE Showcase Branding Kit & Guidelines

Good day CryENGINEERS.

There are many great places in the World Wide Web for you to showcase your work with CRYENGINE. Be it Artstation, Facebook, Twitter or your own website galleries – or a bazillion other great opportunities – we would like to encourage you to let us know about your work!

‘Achieved with CRYENGINE’.

Under this motto we want to bring all CryENGINEERS together from all disciples and empower you to showcase and bring more attention to your work through sharing them on our own channels.

Potential Features include:
If you want the opportunity to be featured in one of the above mentioned ways, please create a Showcase Thread for your art and /or project on this forum and abide by the following branding guidelines & of course our license agreement:

We want to help you promote your creations and create a label that you can wear with pride. But to avoid confusion and bad blood, we need your permission to do so, of course.
It’s simple, really: You just have to make sure you brand your images with your own logo and/or watermark and then add a CRYENGINE tag - this way we will know that we have permission to fearture your work. You then bring your work to our attention, either through the showcase gallery on the forums & or you mention us on social media. Make sure to let us know what source we should be linking to give you proper credit!

Our promise:
  • We will never use your work to promote CRYENGINE in print material or any other way that would make it hard to give you credit without further notification.
  • We will never claim to own the rights to your creations.
  • We will never monetize your work.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with a display of your work at any given time, just let us know and we'll take it down!
To make this a quick and easy agreement and to empower you with everything you need, you will find a kit of resources and best-practices attached that you can use to polish your work and make it ready for promotion from our side.

Examples of correctly branded work:



If you need more variations or want to use our animated bumper in your videos, you can find more CRYENGINE official branding assets here.

Rules of Thump:
  • Keep a distance of 46px between the CRYENGINE tag and the edge of the image.
  • Don’t distort the CRYENGINE logo – keep the dimensions when editing size.
  • Don’t submit pixilated images – keep an eye on resolution.
  • To submit a Facebook Header, stick to these guidelines.
  • To submit a Twitter Header, stick to these guidelines.
If you need any help preparing your images, let us know! Please also take into consideration, that we want to push high quality work and that we receive a lot of interest in a feature, so we can’t feature all of you, but we sure try!

All the best,
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