Snow Mountains

Inspired by Crytek's The Climb VR,This is a scene I have created with Cryengine. Each asset including the mountains are modelled and textured with Substance.
The DP count is 920 while the poly count is 1930.
Tried to add some ww2 feel with the IAF planes above also modelled and textured by me.



I have been using Cryengine for 6 long years now.
You can see my other works in my portfolio at:

Re: Snow Mountains

Nice job on the mountains indeed and on the airplanes as well, but some critics if i may, first some unique detail on the road would break the obvious repeating pattern, perhaps some water puddles because of melting ice or some deeper tire tracks on the curves, etc, also sorry but i don't get a WW2 feeling from that, WW2 era planes flying along don't make a scene fell like WW2, the scene is to idyllic imo, a column of smoke at the distance would be enough to strengthen that war feeling but nice effort and don't let my critics discourage you.

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