My Environment Art Topic - All in one


My works so far from last year until now, all works in 1 post.
Gonna keep old works hidden>>


-- new work: cinematic slow motion in CE

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Re: My Environment Art Topic

cry-kane wrote:Would be great to see a quick video flythrough - especially if your lighting has some subtle animation and/or moving dust particles to add dynamics to the scene.

TL;DR - Show me in video :D

i have added the video at the end of the post, plus tod of my levels are same as the old ones, i work with volumetric fog and tod variables for coloring and etc.
i couldn't render a 60 fps video because the particles will play very fast in render, in that case i should have to re twick the speed parameters and then i have had to start recording from scratch. this was really time consuming and i have just skipped :D
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