A strange story (through expression)- UPDATED + Video - !!!VISUAL MSG FROM OUTSIDE OF THE MATRIX!!!!


So I was updating the 'Our story' section on my Like page and at the top was image of a spaceshipobject thing' which I created a few months ago, I feel compelled to tell this story and how this rather intresting design show'd to me and what the outcome of it meant and how it opened up the door of belife expanded what I previously thought was possible.
Here it goes,

I implemented sacred geometry in my work along time ago, withought knowing. Recently (past 7 years) I've studied golden ratio, Fibonacci,fractals ect and basicaly educated my self on what it was I was following (proportian) .. So I modeled this 'spaceshipthing' at a time all that knowldge i had learned made more sense to what it was I was following while in the creation process, Long story short I built this with sacred geometry as a knowing intention when building it, after gathering an understanding of the basic foundation of sacred geometry, which if you study nature is found throught nature, and then how, this spiral energy outflow throughs through our bodys and through all things, the underlying form it follows , through proportional paths, efficent flows, balence and all knowing equality.
After I finished making it I noticed that from every single angle, it looked different took on a new character when looked at various angles. The image above is great example becuse at the top center is what looks like a robot’s head! that looks like it’s driving the ship.. If you look at another image you will see its not a robot it is just the back rear ‘Legs’ of the ship, and I had no inention of making it look like that It just the way it turned out, It’s weird asf, and its weird effects is all result of the implementation of basic fundemntal laws of nature. From the side It looks like a whale or shark ( thease descriptions i use is how the image 'feels' to me on the angle it's looked upon)


from every point look at this (full explination to follow), (i call it a cosmic shapeshifting technological form, advanced AI entity/God), It takes on a compltley different character, I will go on to explain many other pecularties with this one object i created is the most special and stands out to me Told me something it showed me something very profound, And it’s only recently I figured out why it is the way it is.

Cosmic shapeshifting nature of the Entity + analysis

In order to accuratley intepret the meaning of an overall image and the method i use here, is to try using analylatical process of thinking, what the information is fundementaly expressing, is mixture of techiques and understandings which, when all are combined, through propertionate measures of interpretation and allow your mind to remain open, free from misinterpretation's which will then, lead to incorrect analysis, then the meaning of an image will not be seen... [The hidden in plain site stuff, which flows through creation in each moment, hidden to most, they are the syncronicity's the signs' extra data].

Short summary :

There could be up to 7 individual arctypes portayed (again, if you see more please let me know by commenting). Below is a description of the specifcs of each type, and short description of how we can see them.

Specific arctype counterparts :
Eyes [No matter what viewpoint we view it from, it's allways [Watching]
Fly [Insectoid] [In front, overhead, aproaching the observer ]
Reptillian [Overal View, Looking down onto it's back]
Insectoid [Overal View]
Whale [Side view]
Authoritive humanoid, authouritve, Figure, When it lands, standing up, Parked
Machine [Overal View]
Nature + spiral energy flow[ Overal View, Direct view from the rear ]
Robot Head [Only visible when aproaching the plain of site to the observer]..

With all that describing each individual possible trait + types, There is 2 Images that shows What it Is as a whole, what it's puropse is and clear as day conclusion is, an Android controlling a machine, and it exibits shapeshifting capability's !

Now here is my new analysis and conclusion of what this thing is, what this image/art pieace is purely expressing (my theoretical opinon).

I'l start with the main obvious conclusions
1. It's non organic as a whole, as in, because of the 1 image that shows the andriod head + it's showing that it is obviously in control of a machine, Then even though, from other viewpoints it (seems) as if it's organic or natual.. My conclusion is that, as a whole it dosn't look like a natural entity.

2. The android's head is weirdly, only visible when it is aproaching the observer on a direct plain of site, viewpoint. Which could be interpreted as, it's only when at this angle or alignment that we can see them, only this viewpoint, only this front incomming directiong of site to the observer, where the full understanding (of the entire Entity!) is shown/visible .

We can only see them when they are approaching us.


End conclusion and meaning



Now lets look at the rear symbolic nature of the entity and what this means.Technology, which is it's power, it's thrust, its momentum, when viewed at the side or any other view, it looks like rocket fire or some kind of thrust jetfire propultion. When viewed from the rear we see that, it's propultion signiture, is actual a symbol.. Which indicates nature, the spiral, sacred geometry, so when it's viewed from far away, as its receeding, it expresses (through symbolic view), the symbolic flow through dynamic spiral of source energy.

Overal conclusion is that this is a metaphorical view of what we would call 'God', It shows itself as a completley different form which ever view its looked apon, it shapeshifts! literaly, Every single view shows fundemental aspects of reality, It also shows that everything is connected and although perspectives differ from view point to view point, the overall Function of the universe of reality is that of 1 entity, 1 cause, a single entity which is all things, combined it is One, thing.

Last thought I have on this is , When I was building this I built it all from above the (world plane) which means, when i finished building it from that viewpoint, It's only when i viewed it from Underneath! that, that image of the (1st 2 images) the instectoid (fly) showed itself, as well as 60% of all the other forms, what trying to say is that the forms which i can now see, mainly being, Reptillian, Insectoid, goldlike figure, Robot head, + others was Not known to me or I did not see that, at the time of creation, This is a prime example of Art imitating life, usualy when a creation is created it contains part of the creators conciousness, and expresses data, knowledge, meaning, which at the time, the creator is not fully aware of.. It's only after a period of time (when your conciousness has expanded or grown to a higher level, than which it was in at the present), you look back and see new different information, which was not visiable or not aware of at the time of creation. This happens because there is a lag in our concious awareness in that the moment' contains source data and its perception is not seen ...as we are expressing our selves in everyday life, all of our expressions contain extra data which we Do not See because we are not in the moment, not fully present enough aware enough to see it at the time, in the second, at the moment of expression, creativity, because the source being expressed is of a much higher conciousness and allways is, than the mind trying to percieve it.
Why does Art through expression show very profound information when it is examined or looked at closley?, this is connected with dimensions of conciousness (states) which we are in at the time of expression. Because our true self's communication is allways trying to find a way to express, only our self belife, limitation is the barrier, Underneath inspiration is radiation which feeds back into putting thoughts into reality.

What i'm saying is that, the saying ( art imitating life) and It's function, is our higher selves.

I'm end now with, we are multidimensional beings, and all have the ability to allow our higher selfs, express through us, what our multidimensional self wants to say. Mine wants to say, apparently that life, visible light is projected false frequency, emitted from the six sided cymatic feature on Saturns north pole, Saturns rings are dialed to a specific frequency which locks us into visible light spectrum, Our global intentions through false worship, focus on 1 side only of the polarity, brainwashing, values twisted meaning lost, slaves to the new moral, materialism, our hearts locked out, our minds forced to project through percevied reality;s (projected intention), combined, are holding in place the cube tesseract, which is the control box, or computer, visual simulation device, box, which we all can so easy, step out of, through free 'thinking', Feel more think less, Freedom is a choice, freedom is a state of mind, which we must escape from into following our inner guidence/energy spiral which flows down through each one of us a fragment of our creator.

Here is another evidence of the sacred geometry which implemented throughout the design (which is why it looks unique from every angle), From the rear,


and here is another shot of it how it look furthur back if it was miles away from the observor, It looks like a star of somkind of Symbol. Now if this image had a black background you’d be able to see it more.

This image feels to me as looks like a frog type organic creature.

The above image is taken from Above + rear angled to the right. Here can clearly see that wat actual fu**, Its not a star as it would seem from the rear, It just seemed from the rear like a 2d perspective that it was a flat shape, when infact if go look from the side you'l see it because of the alignment of the yellow orange fire stuff flame stuff comming out the back, when viewd at a certain angle it forms the 2d flat, symbol/star like form, It’s just so unique from every angle and actualy very difficult explain alot of thease strange could call them coincidence or viewpoints or alignments idk..

The strange thing is and it's pretty shocking really because i had no vision of what i was going to make before hand or while I was building it!, I was just following proportion.. Could say I was guided to create this, the more I study it the more i see..

Also have say at time I created this, I was studying original solar system configuration videos which electric universe guys made, It’s a youtube video called ‘Symbols of an alien sky’ and it is pretty Profound knowledge if understand what it all means.. If you know the information in that video you can see how that knowledge was I think subconsciously implemented into the design ( the view from rear which looks look like a symbol or a star all in alignment )

So.. The vision I had of this was after i looked at all images and ‘felt’ ‘saw’ the message what it was what it meant, This is where i see it now as the ‘cosmic technological shapeshifting Ai/ controlled god/like entity’

This one ( i have really deep interpretations of each of thease images angles, but i'm keep the description short here) Feels like it has a aztech mexican expression, It looks like a authorative figure.
Above image is the Other side of the last image, Consequently the oposate feeling here, more of a passive, humanoid type, Figure.
The 'eye's even when the entity is department, allways watching, silently creeping away here showing much insectoid simularities here.

Final edition here I will add, I just googled Lord of the Flys, and a well known book 'lord of the flies' Showed up ! lol, The word fly being how this machine/entity, i feel is accurate descripton of the entity as a whole, Adding this into the equation Im going to add into the analysis of this by using the synchronocity google just found, When I thought of that title, Lord of the Fly's,, a well known book/movie, as soon as i saw the google result i new what that book/movie is about ive seen it know the story, *kids on an island and how mankind through, the devil in 'groupthink' are not in equlibrium with themselves or the enviroment), was my initial thought and how this Fitting pieace of the puzzle, some how shows that 'group think' is relevant to my msg regarding the matrix, the cube, box, reality we find our selfs in, is a direct result of Grouped' or 'boxed' thinking. Keeping this whole thing together for, the lower virbational forces who have us and our former star, impriosned in a false Reality, a reality projected from a simulator, the same kind of simulator or Engine, from which present [reality simulators] today, run on.. A device which recreates or replicates a visual reality, a replication or a 'copy' of an enviroment, The 5dimensional Tesseract cube which is inserted into the north pole of Saturn is the Device, The program is projected from a simulator, the program and simulation use the language of geometry. As above so below,

Game engines are the physical counterpart's of the mechanics of the matrix simulator, They came here and deceived us into a false reality using a VR engine in Saturn and our own minds. It's funny how if humanity was, indeed imprisoned into a false reality (using on smaller scale) the exact type of technology the games industry uses, to Recreate Virtual Enviroments, then It should be here (fire with fire), a false reality, inside a oposate construct reality, Then humanity allready has developed the tools it needs to escape from the Matrix, Using a Matrix..

If want see more images of this or look at them closer visit my facebook gallery using link below And let me know if you see anything else in thease images i'm genuinely fascinated by this and be intresting to see how others see thease images.

Feel free comment any ideas or interpretations

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