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Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars Thease are some of the planets which each will play and tell a story, about the origins of mankind and the changing cycles + what existence is, what reality is how far does reality extend, What is our true history?, How did the solar system form?, What did the ancients witness and what would it be like if we could simulate the chain of events along time ago in the 'Golden Age' The time of the garden of Eden, The configuration and alignments of the planets in the early solar system the time of the war of the Gods, The Polar Configuration.

Can I show all this in visual form using CRYENGINE ? I'm give it my best shot

Breif explination and i will update soon!

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1st Images

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image


Follow the evolution of my Cryengine interpretation of the chain of events which lead up to mankind being struck with a cosmic thunderbolt, which wiped our ancestors memory and pushed us off in a direction to present times + agenda's, Visualised and Narrated.

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Tyvm for the comments guys.

I have today an update for this project, first to start of the description of the chain of events which took place in the Golden Age of man, The Garden of Eden, ProtoSaturn and how saturn spawned/Ejected the Earth, Mars, Then later on in a traumatic event (the incursion into this solar system, electrical interactions from ProtoSaturn and the Sun's Heliosphere),, Venus, which started to discharge filaments and electrical arcs, into configurations + even symbols, the Eye, the Crown, the firey dragon, serpent, spiral forms of plasma, all out pouring from Venus.

Thease initial 3 planets Venus,Mars,Earth now in alignment along the axis of each planets pole, settled down into an orbit that unleashed, a series of strange events which what witnessed in the sky and recorded down i history by our ancestors.

Before a full description of the story/chain of events, Here is some images of the Polar Configuration Simulation, give an idea of what this is and the goal of this thread wil be to simulate thease events into a visual/video form using the Cryengine.

It's been fascinating researching all the info and data on this particular subject which covers vast areas of history, science & ancient knowledge, which goes all the way back to the Dwarf Galaxy of Saggitarius which is where the ProtoSaturn containing the first species of mankind arrived from. Then onto explaining how the six sided hexegonal form on the north pole of Saturn (Chronus) was the 'Navel' that ejected the Earth,Mars & Venus, along in a polar alignment through birkeland currents.

Enjoy thease images,


Once the other level (with terrain) containing the polar configuration is all setup and lightning complete then I can plan out how the video chain of events will unfold, so we can visualize this story for more of an understanding/perspective and what perhaps it was like for humans who witnessed this at first, harmony which later turned into unimaginable chaos!, which then lead up to the present configuration and situation on Earth at the present times.

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