Re: Fudsine & RaZoR-FIN - A Collection of Unfinished Projects

Sad to hear that. Will you still be working on the other projects (ocean, planet tech etc.) or has development for both the Alternate CE Editor and the other projects stopped?

If Crytek releases the source for the Sandbox Editor in the future, will you continue development on the other (ocean, planet tech etc.) stuff?
The only way I can see any of these projects being continued is if any of them are required in either of our personal or professional projects. Or unless the renderer becomes significantly more modular and extendable.
@sdswz19831 You could start with the GPUGems article they linked. Also the entire GPU Gems series is excellent.
I was referring to the terrain rendering part. That article is about atmosphere.
We didn't follow any specific paper for the terrain rendering though we took most of our inspiration from how Dunia handles multiple terrain layers. We used the same terrain system for planet's whereas instead of a heightmap on a terrain sector its 6 heightmaps projected onto a spherified cube. At some point in the near future i'l release a breakdown of our terrain system.

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