Fudsine & RaZoR-FIN - A Collection of Unfinished Projects


To those who don’t know us, RaZoR-FIN and I are long time forum members best known for either our co-op mods for the Crysis franchise or RaZoR’s Far Cry map editor extensions. Between us we have totaled over 16 years with CryEngine. These are some of those projects we have conducted during that time. We will try to keep this thread updated with what we are working on and have worked on. Hopefully it will provide people with some insight as to what can be accomplished with CryEngine with a little bit of elbow grease.

Don’t ask us for releases - Anything we post here is not guaranteed to be released or even completed. Some things are for personal projects while others are just not ready yet. However if you have any questions or are embarking on a similar endeavor feel free to ask and we'l answer best we can.

Current Projects:

Planet Rendering Plugin- viewtopic.php?f=43&t=4264&p=10365#p10365
Atlas Community Editor - viewtopic.php?f=43&t=4264&p=12172#p12172
Realtime Fluid + Terrain Erosion -
Crysis Co-op - http://www.moddb.com/mods/crysis-co-op
Improved Ocean Rendering -
Infinite Terrain System -

If you need to reach us privately please send a message through the forum's private messaging system, Thanks.

- Fudsine & RaZoR-FIN
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Fudsine & RaZoR-FIN - Planet Rendering

Planet Rendering Plugin:
Inspired by the recent tech coming out of the previously CryEngine based Star Citizen, I embarked on trying to pull off something similar to their planet rendering demo. With some input and advice from RaZoR this is how far we got:


The shader is adapted from Sean’O’Neils Nvidia GPU Gems paper https://developer.nvidia.com/gpugems/GP ... ter16.html which in our adaptation currently affects the Sun/Ambient Lighting, Fog and is combined with a planetary skysphere to give the final effect.


Satisfied with the visual results for now - we have begun to work on the surface of the planet using a spherified cube as the base mesh for the planet and quadtrees for subdivision.


Obviously this can be taken a lot further than its current state. In the future I’d really like to add planet wide height map support to the mesh, large bodies of water including rivers and cloud rendering to give a more feature complete planet.


More Images: https://imgur.com/a/royN4

Re: Fudsine & RaZoR-FIN - A Collection of Unfinished Projects

Very cool indeed. What's the plan from here on out regarding planetery tech if you decide to continue the work on it? How about planet rings? That would be a cool addition. How does the plugin work regarding planetary placement? Set of coordinates? Can you do multiple planets? Is this a component?
Planet rings are certainly an interesting idea. Multiple planets are indeed supported and each planet is an entity component that you can move around using the regular gizmos. However it is not a totally standalone plugin as a few additions are required in the lighting and fog shaders.
Nice work. I'm interested in the improved ocean rendering. Do you have any images of your work on that?
Overtime i'l upload some images of the rest of the projects we have worked on with some details about how they were accomplished.

Re: Fudsine & RaZoR-FIN - A Collection of Unfinished Projects

Atlas Community Editor:
Sadly to date Crytek have decided not to release the source code to the Sandbox aspect of the engine despite previous announcements suggesting that it would. This has been an issue for our projects where controlling the intricacies of our plugins has been near impossible.

To that end with the release of 5.4 we started working on our own editor for CryEngine so that we could support our own editor plugins and fine tune the parameters of some of our shader related plugins. Although it was never intended to be a full blown replacement of the Sandbox Editor.


However, we no longer have the time to commit to the project due to our personal lives taking precedence. We ceased development of it recently and It has since been gathering dust. At some point we would like to release this as an ‘EditorZero' with all the necessary code to compile a custom QT editor. While it is not ready for release yet, if you have an interesting idea or want to continue this project in some way send RaZoR-FIN or I a PM on the forums and we'l get back to you.

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