Some of my work

Here are some of the things I'm currently working on or have worked on in Cryengine 5 and plan to release to the community along with the source code so anyone can play around or just have a look at how it's all done. Also planning to make some video tutorials on how to use the engine in general. There is a lot more stuff to come in the future and I will post them all in this one big thread.

Inventory System

Dynamic Gravity


Rope Gun
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Re: Some of my work

Well done.
How long did it take you to implement this?
Thanks! All of them took about a week each to really implement and get working. The flamethrower took a bit more to get perfect because the flames had to collide with basically anything in the game world, even with vegetation objects without any physics. I still do tweak them from time to time whenever I think of new features or when I feel like something can be improved. They're really just hobby projects though nothing serious ;)
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Re: Some of my work

Yeah saw that on Facebook. Now comes the interesting questions ...

* When can we purchase it on the Marketplace?

* Is the UI via Scaleform or custom UI solution?

* Does the system require additional programming to make it work for projects?

* Is it exposed to Schematyc and / or Flowgraph nodes?

Hopefully this doesnt require the gamesdk? :(

Re: Some of my work

Interesting questions indeed ;) Here are some interesting answers :
  1. This will be released on the marketplace for free. Not sure when exactly let's just say before Christmas ;)
  2. It uses Scaleform and Actionscript 2.
  3. This question is the most interesting one. The answer is I'm still trying to figure out how I should go about making it as easy as possible for people to make it work for their own projects. The system was built from the ground up in Actionscript 2. The programs used were FlashDevelop, Vectorian Giotto and GIMP 2 which are all available for free. At the moment it does require additional programming because of how I set it up inside the game template code but nothing major. I would definitely like to make it a plugin and make it as easy as possible for people to integrate into their own projects and that's why I don't want to release it right now, not to mention it's still not complete I do want to add more features (one of them being a post 3D model render of the player character on the empty pane on the left) :)
  4. It is exposed to Flowgraph but I haven't looked into Schematyc yet.
  5. Definitely doesn't require the GameSDK project ;)
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