Re: Announcement - I am building 2 apps for Cryengine


you can embed you tube videos in this forum. Just use the youtubeID which is the code after the equals in the videos url.

Looks cool. Doesn't CE have a visual behavior tree somewhere? I have not used it and don't know how well it works, but just something that might make this redundant idk. A UI assist app might be more popular especially if you were to expand the flownodes that interact with the actionscript code, maybe even actionscript nodes? Not sure if that makes sense. Anyway just some thoughts good luck with your projects!

Re: Announcement - I am building 2 apps for Cryengine

Yeah I will keep u updated. I forgot to show that AI FURY actually supports connecting trees to each other, so that you can create certain types of behaviours and attach them as a leaf node.
I am trying to make it as modular as possible. So you can build your behaviours out of the tiny blocks.
Cryengine tutorial videos on my Youtube channel! Check it out !

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