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Hi guys. After some time I think it´s time to show what I´ve been working on.

The project
This video shows my former school building up in "game of thrones" style. It was done as an intro for a fun project by the Q12 (which is completely non profit).
And because I had quite few time to work on this project (I´m working on this since the beginning of June) I chose Cryengine because I didn´t have the time (and experience) to render it in Blender :D .

What could be improved
All in all I´m quite happy with the result which I managed to get but there´s lot´s of stuff to improve. Mostly it´s the UV layout. You´ll discover lots of bad UV layout while watching! Also I´should have taken a bit more care with the deph of field options. Finally there´s a problem with one of the buildings which disappears two times. I even know what causes this issue but thought that it won´t be senn in the movie.

Although it isn´t perfect I´m quite happy with the result I achieved in this time. Also I started learning track view during this project which will help me in my personal project a lot. If you have any feedback I´d like to hear it! Also if you have any questions don´t mind asking them!

Re: What are you working on?

Unfortunately the video is unavailable to me - maybe because I am in Germany and we're very strict about copyright law and using music clips, for example. So sad! D:
No. It was my mistake - I had set it to private :D . It should work now! There won´t be any copyright issues because it doesn´t contain any sound.

Btw. I´m from Germany too - Greetings from Munich!

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