What are you working on?

Hi guys! I thought it´s time to re - open an old topic :D . The purpose is following:

"I just thought that it would be good to start showcase thread similar to other engine forums where everyone can post their progress on what they are working on.

Feel free to post assets, ingame footage or concept art."

So as a start I post some of my recently done work: Sculpting ,modelling, rigging done in Blender, texturing and baking in substance painter
The character was originally finished half a year ago but the I played Ryse, saw other videos and discovered the many errors I did (bad sculpting, modelling, rigging).
GoldenKnight.jpg (114.59 KiB) Viewed 6621 times
So I decided to completely start from scratch.
Now the char is much better!
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Re: What are you working on?

Yes you are right, I'll fix this once I get rid of that OpenGameArt logo that keeps appearing on the fire particle (I guess I'll have to create a new one). I'll also make the snow more realistic by adding real snow flakes with transparent backgrounds among the white dots. :D I'll post more screenshots soon that include the game's main character.

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