Unnamed rural area fps-based project [looking for freelancing talented people]

Hey all, I'm looking for every talented people out there who could bring this project forward with me. The map is based on an open rural urban desert area in which teams have to fight each other [GAMEPLAY IS NOT CLEARY AT THIS POINT]. This project needs proper characters, sounds, some stock 3d objects and ofcourse some programming skills to be clearly published. This project is going freelancing atm [if succeed it will be sold], so i can't pay any of you guys sorry. :( I'll add concept screenshots of the map to get an idea of the quality and seriousness of this project. So if you have good ideas or just want to give feedback to push this project and looking for adventures please leave me a message or add me on skype: aznwalk

Re: Unnamed rural area fps-based project [looking for freelancing talented people]

Hey there,

nice early screenshots there! I would suggest that you put your recruitment appeals into the proper forum, though. You can always link back to this Showcase topic to show progress on your project. Our experience is that people are more likely to work for a project that has a clear direction and/or vertical slice already and of course, some sort of compensation, even if not hard cash. ;) So to maximize your efforts to build a team, we'd suggest you at least draft the concept for your game and try to attract like-minded people by presenting a clear strategy and direction.
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