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that is really impressive, very professional - great work on the creatures and I love the level design too.

one thing:
the website states that the game is only financed by donations and that the developers are unpaid.
however the price says: paid episodic content - who is getting that money when the game is being sold? the people who financed the project with their donations?
just curious - in this day and age transparency is so precious.

Do you have a page that states the amount received in donations / funding and what these are used for? I am going to install a donation counter when I do this for my reloaded project so people can see how much has been given. I owe that to the people giving their support, even if reloaded is going to be free of charge.

keep up the good work - great job

Re: [GameProject] Heathen Game - Dev.Blog


Effectively, we are only 2 devs working on this game since 5 years with absolutly no funds at all ( only time and passion )

So, 3 years ago, we created a "donate" link on paypal, but it was a failure : only 8 donators since 3 years for an total amount of around 90 euros.... lol
These donations have not even paid for the cryengine subscription and the perforce server rent .....
So, as you can understand we dont have any page about the amount of donations, because it was really a failure.
Anyway all those 8 donators will have a key for the early access for thank them for their confidence and support to our project, ( and all donator and volunteers will be in the game credits )

Thanks for your support and good luck for your game project. ;)

NOTA: This donate link is now over.

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