Another project, cartoon style

The project uses assets from the free gamesdk pack in the testing level.
Working on a project featuring all the goodies of cryengine but in a cartoon world!
So far the project got:

-Celshaded materials , like skin with SSS.
-Celshaded volumetric effects , fog clouds.
-Celshaded skydomes
-Line rendering, outlines and internal lines from normals and depth.
-Lots of bugs and sleepless nights!

I tried at first to have a 2 step line renderer, wich draws low opacity, thick lines first. And thin sharp lines ontop, but felt like the screen got too cluttered.
Right now im attempting to use a volumetric fog mask to fade and blur outlines. As it is now they look like theyre drawn ontop of the fog :(
I felt like the game needs more contrast, it cant be pink and cute all the time! Basically during night time an effect is lerped in. Wich renders everything black, unless it is lit by a light source, is within viewdistance or is a sky.
Also, sorry for breaking everything you worked so hard on! D:

Re: Another project, cartoon style

I actually like a cell shading approach in general. I am all for variety, also with CRYENGINE - I mean, you don't see other art styles than 'photo-realistic' a lot but it's totally do-able. I am curious to see how this project progresses. So far I have to say, the basics look good, but with the assets and textures used, cell-shading doesn't quite work for me on all of the areas in the screenshots. But please keep going as I am really interested in seeing more variety of art styles in CRYENGINE games. :)
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