Triptych - Lovecraftian Horror/Adventure (Cryengine 2)


Written and developed by Dark Craft Studios, Triptych is crafted within the embraces of Gnosticism, Occultism and Sumerian Mythology. Legend has it that an ancient civilization summoned the Demiurge down from the heavens eons ago and paid the ultimate price, but live on as a Necromantic cult that the Brothers Caulm accidentally discovered in their time. Triptych will direct a sinister narrative of the underbelly of philosophy and lost theological ideas in a subtle and insidious story of familial betrayal and Lovecraftian horror.

Official Download Mirror for Triptych: ... nloadsform

The Official Trailer for Triptych

Dark Craft Studios Credits:

Glenn Winkelmann Jr - Lead Developer | Lead Designer | Lead Writer |
Ian Wiese - Lead Writer | Lead Editor |
Jarod D'Camp - Lead Composer
David Smolanowicz - Lead Sound Director
Finn M.K - Playing Dorian Caulm
Jamie Campbell - Playing Jeremiah Caulm
David Bodtcher - Playing Samael
Ian Wiese - Playing Orne

Special Thanks

Luke Treacher - Trailers & Teasers
Hanger34 - Flash UI Main Menu & Loading Screen
Alan Grant - Graphics Artist (All Book Pages.)


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Re: Triptych - Lovecraftian Horror/Adventure (Cryengine 2)

Triptych Released: ... nloadsform

We hope you guys take the time to enjoy our official release of Triptych, seven years in the making. It survived a total obliteration of all development files from years 1 through 6, making the last year a total reboot and reconfiguration of our dream to achieve this project. We've all worked tirelessly to make it as polished of a walking simulator horror narrative as Cryengine will allow.

Thank you for allowing us to share a little bit of our hard work with you, hope you like it. I will be online and easily reachable for any feedback, bugfixing or support you need -- don't hesitate to PM me. Have fun!

Re: Triptych - Lovecraftian Horror/Adventure (Cryengine 2)

I have been waiting for this since ages. CryEngine 2 is mostly abandoned but this is proof that it still has some power to show even after 10 years.
We've been wanting to release for ages too. I couldn't let down fans by you by abandoning it. That's why I came back last year to finish the job. I only hope it lives up to your expectations. Cryengine 2 is a beautiful engine, and my favorite of all the CE iterations.

Re: Triptych - Lovecraftian Horror/Adventure (Cryengine 2)

This game looks amazing and creepy, in the best way!
Awesome that you guys decided to finish it even though you lost all your previous work .
It's like exploring the Cthulu mythos world! :)
We almost abandoned it for good, it took two years to revive and one subsequent more year to redevelop and rewrite the entire thing. I'm glad we chose to do it, and I hope you enjoy it when you play.

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