Freedom is slavery my entry for the Kitbash3D Industrial 'in motion'competition

My entry for the Kitbash 3D Industrial contest, category 'In motion awards' #kb3dcontest
Contest rules:

Thanks to my dear friend Shaul Hadar for creating this great musical piece custom made for this video.

My creation is based on the darker 80s movies, mainly 1984.
In George Orwell vision of 1984 was that Freedom of speech and thought would compromise the balance of peace. Resulting in a thoughtless working force not complaining about environmental and health issues such as inhaling smoke. And there is lots of smoke in this video :)

Changing the setting to night proved to be quite difficult. My main issue was learning the new Cryengine 5.5. Sandbox Editor and replacing all the textures that came up with the Kitbash Industrial set. The Kitbash textures proved to be unsuitable for the Cryengine causing transparency problem. While I was replacing the textures with Cryengine and creating my own textures it turned out to be the darker 80s style that I was aiming for. All in all I'm proud of what I have created in such a short time.

Building time 2 weeks exporting the models to Cryengine while fixing several model issues and 1 month for setting up the environment, placement for the models and setting up camera, animations and effects.

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