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Hi guys!

This is a project I´ve been working on for a long time -actually it started in August last year (but it had lots of phases when I wasn´t able to work on it due to studies/work etc.).
In this small blog post I´ll give a short overview on the different phases of the project and what went right or wrong (SPOILER ALERT: A lot of stuff went wrong ;))

Phase 1 - Concepting
Well lets start at mistake number 1 and by far the biggest one - I didn´t have a proper concept. All I had was an idea in my mind and some pencil sketches on paper. As the project continued the lack of a proper concept presented a huge issue. The problem was that I had difficulites to create a homogenously looking environment and I wasn´t sure if the single parts (textures etc. would match perfectly or just look wrong).
My advice: Create a good looking concept or choose an already existing one - the time you´ll have to invest in drawing will be saved when creating the 3D stuff (not having to redo some assets because they
don´t fit)

Phase 2 - Whiteboxing
Whiteboxing was partly done in CryDesigner and Blender. CryDesigner is a very easy tool and quite fun to use. The most important aspect was to find the right proportions and iterate upon tha to get the desired feeling.
Corridor_WIP01.jpg (453.8 KiB) Viewed 3136 times

Phase 3 - Start producing content and learning new techiques
During this phase I started working on a texture I knew I would be using heavily in this project. I also started learning some new techniques within Cryengine - most notably POM and other asset relevant stuff.
This phase was also used to create a sort of "workflow" (a profesional studio would still laugh at my "pipeline").
In the end I had this:
WIP02.jpg (457.68 KiB) Viewed 3136 times

Phase 4 - Asset production
Well - pretty self explanatory :). Just for completion:
My main tools during that project were
- Zbrush (I´m still new to Zbrush so dont expect masterpieces)
- Substance Painter (it´s the best texturing tool out here so no suprise) & B2M3
- Blender
- Maya (just some additional modeling which also could have been done in Blender)
My main 3 textures used on this project. All were created in Zbrush, Blender and Substance painter. This showcase was rendered in Cryengine

Phase 5 - Setdressing and lighting
(This phase didn´t happen after phase 4. It was more like a mixture between those two.)
Well - this was the trickiest part of the project. Before this I only knew the very basics of SVOGI and I still fell like I´ve only scratched the surface of lighting in Cryengine. Most of the time I was reading the docs and playing around with the settings to get the result I wanted. However there are some good tutorials about SVOGI which I linked here:

Spoiler!  Show

A small overview of the differernt lighting stages:

Phase 6 - Cameras and Track view
Setting up a track view scene is actually quite easy and fun.
A small tip for people who are using CE 5.5. The camera component doesn´t work with Trackview (yet but hopefully soon). To correct this all you have to do is:
1.Download GameSDK
2.Copy the scripts.pak folder into your project root directory and extract it there
3.In sandbox you can find the legacy camera under misc -> camera. This one works with trackview.
The final cutscene:

Before I end this small blogpost let me add some of the other mistakes I´ve made so you won´t encounter them.
- I had a really messy project (folder) structure which proved to be chaotic and not intutitive. Also I didn´t seperate the folders between CE-ready files and sourcefiles.
- Don´t be afraid of redoing stuff! Every issue you ignore won´t be solved but postponed and you´ll have to invest twice as much time as you had done before
- Organizing is key! When the project continued I knew I needed a list of stuff which I had to do until I finished the project. Stupidly I wrote them on a piece of paper which got lost in the huge amount of sketches, drawings etc. on my desk. Pro tip: Write it down digitally :o
A lot of these concerns sound very obvious but get neglected when working on a project :)

This was just a short overview of the project. If you have any open questions feel free to contact me via the forums or via discord (I´m active on the Cryengine discord).
You also can find the project on Artstation

Thanks for reading :)

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