Where Abundance Lies: Devlog

Hi all, just a quick post here to talk about my project Where Abundance Lies, a game I am building in Cryengine. If I'm being honest, it's super early days for the project, and all that I have are some ugly prototypes, concept art, music and test levels, but I wanted to start keeping a development log, if nothing else to get me into the habit of working on the game regularly.

Where Abundance Lies is a single-player action / adventure game that takes inspiration from STALKER, Destiny and The Precursors, as well as the art style of Tsutomu Nihei, Studio Ghibli and Moebius among others. It's probably far too ambitious and demanding a task for a solo dev like myself, but if so, then hopefully the devlogs will be a good record of where I went wrong ;)

To start off with, here is a video of me rambling about why I chose Cryengine, as well as what is to come in Devlog 2.

Cheers for watching!

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