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Trailer does look creepy and amazing. I can just imagine an alligator swooshing in the water making me jump. The lightening effects are really fantastic.

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Hi guys. A small update and a larger description of the game.
My name is Nicolas Friedl and recently I joined the talented team of Noises of the Zone as a concept artist, character artist and I´m doing the community management on the Cryengine forums.
But first...

What is Noises of the Zone?
Noises of the Zone is a atmospheric and exciting first person shooter inspired by the masterpiece S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

How long has it been in development and who are the developers?
It´s been in development for over a year. The developers are a group of CryEngine enthusiasts mainly from Russia who formerly called themselves "Achieved with CryEngine".
The project gained a lot of attention some time ago and was featured in several gaming and game development websites.

Any plans for the future?
Further developing the game :). A big milestone will be the CEV upgrade from the current EaaS version (soemething that the team is working on).

How can we support the game?
You can help directly. We have set up a recruitment tab (which I´ll also update soon).

Concept art not done by me
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You can follow the game here:
Facebook Youtube
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Re: Noises of the zone

Really nice progress. I like the environment shots!
I think this answer comes a bit late but... thanks ;).
So I´m doing a small update right now including a dev diary.
First - We got a new team addition: The talented Ancient76, who got our attention with his cool environment work and joined mainly as an environment artist.

Secondly - There´s also some work done on characters. I finally finished my first character for the game which took a long time because of some interrruptions (Abitur, holidays, Gamescom...).
Which brings me to the dev diary:

Creating a character for "Noises of the zone" Image The cool thing is that I am allowed to create the character from concept to in engine. This ensures that I can shape the character exactly as I imagine him which is a huge advantage when working separated. I try to maintain contact with the dev team during my work to make sure that it fits the artstyle etc.

Phase one: Concept
You may wonder why this character doesn´t look that STALKERish. Well... I wanted to give it a slightly different stile and make him look more realistic (in terms of design) so I looked at some reference of soviet uniforms and added some provisional "armour parts". Work was done on Photoshop. The result: Image Phase two: Highpoly
This was done in Blender which meant that I had to do mre micro detail work in Substance Painter. In the future I plan to upgrade to Zbrush but for this character Blender was enough. Sculpt: Image Phase three: Lowpoly
Retopo was also done in Blender using the addon "speed retopo" . It´s a very helpful one which you should check out if you´re using Blender. Final retopo
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Phase four: Rigging
Since I wanted to test out the character as early as possible in engine I had to rig him before doing UV unwrapping. It´s easier to change some geometry before UV unwrapping than after it. I used the PlayerSDK (Noises of the Zone is based on GameSDK).

Phase five: In engine testing
I did a test export to ensure that the character is working fine with the animations. Changed a bit on the geometry and spotted issues.
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Phase six: UV unwrapping
Nobody likes this phase and I´m no exception. But it´s very important and if you´re doing bad UV work then you´ll probably have to rework it which takes even more time!

Phase seven and eight: Baking and texturing
Baking is like UV unwrapping - not fun but necessary! Texturing however is very fun (especially if you own Substance painter!). I started with the creation of some smart materials which I could use as the basis
of my character and then start tweaking them. After that I imported some texures which I converted before in Bitmap2material3. After that I added some dirt and mud (fun fact: the mud normal map is actually a blurred normal map of a stone texture :)) Image Phase nine
This phase consisted of engine exporting and small issure resolving (some last bad weights, Hand IK,...). Finally I just had to do some in engine tweaking (secondary animation on the metal flask) and the character is game ready!
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A final progress map: Image Sadly that doesn´t mean that everything is done... I still have to do LODs.

Of course this character isn´t perfect and has some flaws (for example: sculpt not detailed enough, polycount too low, too many different meshes instead of fewer merged meshes,) but in conclusion I´m happy with it and will improve these aspects on the next character.

I hope you liked this devblog. Write if you want to see more or what aspects you might want to see.

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