Re: The PIT - My Game Project

This is the opening scene (or at least the basic idea) - you (Zam) and your package (Nuke) are deployed on the outer ring of the pit; there will be some dialog of course and, in addition to that, the pilot is explaining to Zam (using only signs and a tablet) that he has a personal interest in being there - his brother is down in the compound. At some point along the story Zam and Pete will meet and help each other.

The Big Crane

Almost finished but meanwhile I'm somehow stuck - the hook has alot of shaking and trembling when ascending, and that's because of the damper used to stabilise it (without the damper there are shakings and tremblings while descending, plus large oscilations which last forever and thus make the hoist unusable); if anyone has a solution I'm all ears !

In game things will look something like this: first you have to activate the crane; then go to the cabin where the option for manual control becomes available; the problem is that you don't have direct visibility for what's under the hook and the monitors are out of order, so you'll have to activate manual control and detach the controllers, which are kind of mechanical devices attacheable to your forearms, then leave the cabin and look for a spot with good visibility (cranes' top platform, legs or other platforms, hook platform or even the target).

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