The PIT - My Game Project

Hi All.

I'm Adrian Nen, Romanian visual artist, currently working on a project called "The PIT".
Ok, so here's a brief version of the story:


The game is something between a first-person shooter and a racing game. The action takes place on Mars - despite the fact that the gravity is normal and some other such discrepancies. The year is 2060. There's a significant human presence on Mars, as the mining industry is expanding constantly, and most people in these colonies declare themselves "Martians", with other words they are here to stay. A terraforming process is also in progress, the atmosphere is a bit denser (but richer in CO2) and blocking the cosmic radiations to a higher degree. But life on Mars is still difficult, and the human activities here have definitely a heroic dimension, not only because of the hostile environment but mainly because everything is underfunded and the technologies used on Mars are old and obsolete; this happens because the governments on Earth are refusing to imply, accusing severe economic recession, while the private corporations are doing what they always did - maximize their profits by cutting some expenses. On the other hand, the leaders on Mars have realised that the Terrians may not have an interest in aquiring prosperity on Mars - which could eventually lead to secession dreams and this kind of troubles, so keeping Mars underdeveloped and highly dependent on Earth is somehow a strategic option.

In this context, an astonishing discovery is made: the ancient remains of an alien compound. Consisting mainly of a gigantic pit, its purpose, basic technologies and operational process are a total mystery. However, Ixx, the military governor of Mars, feels that this is something of a high stake and allocates huge resources for the site exploration and investigation.

One day, while the staff is trying to activate the huge machinery, a nuclear explosion occurs. Structural damages are minor, however the control of the base is lost, computers, networks, robots, drones, machines, all start to behave strange at first and then even aggressive. Outside communication is cut. A few military teams are sent to destroy what is supposed to be the "brain" artifact which caused all the trouble, but they fail. Sending teams in only seems to increase the number of victims. So, a different approach is suggested to general Ixx by a counsellor (chief of mars police): one man, one package; a very skilled one, able to move quickly in narrow spaces, adapt and improvise. The perfect candidate - an ex-smuggler, currently a delivery company truck driver, just arrested for repeated speed infractions and assaulting a police drone with an empty bottle.

As winter holidays approach (terrestrial time) and he desperately wants to be with his family (wife and kid), Zam, the driver, accepts the mission to deliver a package to an unknown destination; he'll find out later, along the way, many of the details which were not specified in the original agreement.


He is deployed along with his truck and package (a spherical container - which are very common and especially designed to be manipulated by a single person with no other aid than his bare hands) at the compound location. Here he'll have to deal with multiple challenges as he makes his way downwards to the target point, meanwhile understanding what he's in and making his own decisions. Challenges include races, quests, shooting, activating various devices/machines/mechanics. Enemies: robots, machines, drones, disturbed military survivors.

Short after his arrival at the pit, he understands that the truck is bugged and get rid of it when an alternative is available. A tachyonic radio comm device was provided to keep communication with the base - which will provide some assistance sometimes. However, he's got a tachyonic radio of his own and, after contacting his wife (while closing the other device) he has a conversation with a scientist which had worked at the compound, quitted and somehow was warned about what is happening, so he found Zams' wife and wait for his call; now Zam finds out that the truth may not be what he was told by Ixx and/or his men. And the truth, if the scientist is right, is terrible.

The scientist says that the pit is nothing else but a gigantic (inter)planetary cannon; his guess is that it was a blast from this cannon which brought life on Earth (or at least created the conditions, the support for life - by releasing the CO2 into the atmosphere), sometime 4 billion years ago. But the nasty part is that now, once activated - and the recent explosion was the trigger, the same cannon can extinct all life on Earth; detonating the package, which is an atomic bomb, at the destination, will provide no positive effect. To stop the process and distroy the pit mechanics, the scientist is indicating another spot for the blast.

Zam, the trucker, the smuggler, may distroy or may save the Earth. Who's telling the truth and who lies ? Doing one way or another could be catastrophic. Doing nothing could be catastrophic too. He decides to make these 2 guys confront each other on the radio... So he'll find out that the scientist is right, at least with regards to the purpose of the pit and the risk of destroying the Earth. Ixx seems to have a secret plan which will lead to Mars supremacy, and in this plan Earth destruction is just an unfortunate event - or maybe a fortunate event ?! But placing the bomb at a certain location is completely another story. Nobody can guarantee it will have the intended effect - in one way or another.

He's finally on the spot but hesitates to arm the bomb. The bomb must be triggered before a certain deadline. He hesitates so much that, when activates it, he has to set the time counter very low (few minutes) which won't allow him any real chance of escape. So he just talks on the radio with his family and with the scientist and waits for the blast. At this moment, a ball container comes in from the descending pneumo-pipe (the pipe was obstructed and for this reason the bomb had to be delivered by truck and using an alternate way); now Zam stands up looking at the ball.

Everything is shaking. The ball is pushed up in the vertical pneumo-pipe by the blast. Inside the ball Zam is screaming. The ball hits the surface in the waste yard (destination set by Zam before embarking) and gets catapulted by the blow in the air far away from the pit; the air carrier which broght him at the pit appears from nowhere and grabs the ball with its' spider/insectoid legs; while doing this, dust and smoke covers everything.


I'm still early in development - prototyping, so don't expect these images to be nice and spectacular; for now smoothing groups, UVWs and materials are not at all or very poorly edited - this will happen later, after I validate the concepts, design and gameplay in the editor. I hope I'll have a movie soon...

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Adrian Nen
visual artist
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Re: The PIT - My Game Project

For some reason I couldn't attach more than 3 images, so I have to add more posts ?!
Hey there, looks like a really nice game, indeed! Looking forward to more updates.

The issue that caused a limitation for attaching a certain number of images to a forum post has been fixed. :)
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Re: The PIT - My Game Project

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update and some questions; first thing, I've got a movie:
This is most of the environment for the first levels; the previous note about smoothing groups, UVWs and materials is still valid, I mean the current version is more advanced in this respect but only working versions, quick edits, nothing final or even close to final.

Now, beside other problems which I couldn't find a solution for yet (detailed in the next paragraphs), while capturing the images for this movie I noticed that some of the assets which are controlled via flow graph do not perform their usual behaviour but do strange things or even have a random behaviour; is this something normal ? (examples: triggers not working or activated by objects they can't possibly intersect with). Could it be a side effect of the frame rate drop (from over 70 fps to 12 or such) ? I'm using 5.3.

problem 2: the newly created vehicles, even if their xml file is almost an accurate copy of the existing ones (shipped with the sdk), show up only a simplified version of the properties the others have and, even more important - do not respond to flownodes which work for the others (ie: vehicle follow path node); what am I missing ?

problem 3: glass - breakable (vehicles tut ... icle+Setup)
"Breakable Windows
To make a window breakable, it has to be a solid object, not a plane. The surface type has to be mat_glass_vehicle in the Editor's material settings. Also, it has to be physicalized in your 3D package.
Couldn't find the mat_glass_vehicle in the surface types.

problem 4: in vehicle fp camera for the driver - couldn't edit the offset position in the xml, I mean I modified the xml but with no effect in the editor; also, the head doesn't seem to rotate w the camera (if I rotate the camera I can see my nose and the cheek shields of the helmet.

problem 5: I've got noticeable deformations for the exported brushes - rooms or halls which are in the range of tens of meters do not fit with each other.

Solving any of these problems would be a great advance for me, so thank you in advance if you're taking the time to answer any of my questions.

Adrian Nen
visual artist

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