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Room 54 is a first person survival horror game, focused on investigation, exploration,solving puzzles and action. the main goal of the game is give to the player the total immersion during the gameplay, following the intriguing story of the Roseberg town and his community, you can't know what's going to happen from a moment to another.



Daniel is a family father like many others, one day he decides with his wife Desiré and his daughter Leah to spend their winter holidays in a beautiful mountain chalet in the Roseberg valley, a wonderful place surrounded by the nature of the woods, Completely far away from the caotic city life. During their holidays Desiré and Leah missing mysteriously, strange events start happening revealing an hided and disturbing reality behind this place and their community, Daniel will try at any costs to save his family, will he succeed in this venture?



You will play as Daniel, a father that will try to save at any costs himself and his family, your gameplay will be focused on discovering secrets places around valley,investigating and survive. You will find many objects that will help you to solve enigma and to stay alive. The immersive audio and environment will make you feel constantly follow by an high anxiety dose during the game.

  • ARMED AND UNARMED: The gameplay is mainly divided into two phases, one in which you will have to be stealthy and silent hiding and avoiding the dangers and one in which you will be armed and ready to defend yourself.
  • INTERACTIONS: Analyze and use objects to solve enigma and puzzles and unlock new areas of the map.
  • CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY: Your enemy will not surrender easily, play with a competitive and smart AI with untipical and original weapons.


  • explore terrifying building and places with an advanced graphics achivied with the powerfull of CryEngine 5.
  • Follow the intriguing story discovering mysteries and using your intelligence examinating objects and ancient artifacts.
  • use of high quality assets and soundbanks created with Wwise assure a total immersive gameplay.



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