C# in Xamarin Studio ?????

Because in Xamarin being that this license does think twice.
"If you are an enterprise, your employees and contractors may not use the software to develop or test your applications, except for open source and education purposes as permitted above. An “enterprise” is any organization and its affiliates who collectively have either (i) more than 250 computers or users or (ii) more than one million US dollars (or the equivalent in other currencies) in annual revenues, and “affiliates” means those entities that control (via majority ownership), are controlled by, or are under common control with an organization."

And from what I am aware the Visual Studio Community is better accessible.

Thanks :-)

Re: C# in Xamarin Studio ?????

The Xamarin License is a bit confusing, but according to what's written on http://www.monodevelop.com/download/ the license only applies when developing Android or iOS projects.
But for CRYENGINE 5.3 you can still use (an older version of) MonoDevelop which is shipped with the engine itself, or use Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio. Please note that for 5.3 none of these will support debugging CRYENGINE C# projects.
Starting with CRYENGINE 5.4 we will not ship MonoDevelop with the engine anymore. Instead we provide a Add-in for Xamarin Studio which makes it possible to build, run and debug CRYENGINE C# projects. We're also working on supporting Visual Studio for C# projects, but sadly I can't currently give an exact date when it will be supported.

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