Cannot open Pak file

Hello there!

I created a new project and run into this problem.

CE version: 5.5p1
C++ blank project

As obvious, I needed(because I'm not that good) some content to start with, so I went to the marketplace, bought the Ground assets, downloaded it from the launcher.
Then I went into the ..\Crytek\Ground_215 folder, I took the crytek_natural_ground.cryasset.pak and copy/paste into MyProject\Assets folder.
I loaded the project and it gave me this error

14:20:56 Cannot open Pak file assets\crytek_natural_ground.cryasset.pak

I know there could be some problems but I:
run everything as an admin
have fully write/read permission on the whole root folder

What is my problem?

Thanks in advance,

PS: the new documentation is really wonderful albeit some things are not fully completed!

Re: Cannot open Pak file

Strange, I've put the CRYTEK_natural_ground.pak file, but the error refers to "crytek_natural_ground.cryasset.pak"
May it be something related to bad installation?
Because I'm having problems with other things such as this


(just following the tutorial for adding vegetation)

Re: Cannot open Pak file

You can also try to open the .pak file with 7zip, then extract all the files inside into your asset folder.
It may be necessary to delete the .cryasset files if you extract those too and regenerate the meta-data for them.

It is strange why it cannot open the .pak file though, perhaps something is corrupted or another incompatible application or setting was used to create the archive.
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