Lumberyard 1.13 vs Cryengine 5.5 Terrain Height Detail

I know i shouldn't be making comparisons between this and its competitor but Lumberyad is based on Cryengine 3 so i think its fair to see how these two competitors are branching in different directions and what those changes represent.

I am looking at them both, Lumberyard has Speedtree 8 bundled with it and that to me is a huge pull, but having made a terrain height map in World Machine and then tested that same height map in both engines.... the difference is profound.

In Cryengine is an 8K map but at 0.5 Resolution, so 4K.
Lumberyard can only do a resolution of 1:1 or lower, so it is a 4K map for a 4K world, its not Crytek's fault Lumberyard cannot fictionalise the resolution, however i don't think that's the only reason for the big difference in detail.
And yes the sun in Cryengine is at an angle while in Lumberyard its directly above, that doesn't matter to the terrain detail.....

So with all that said here are the comparisons.

Cryengine 5.5 Image Image Lumberyard 1.13 Image Image Yeah, so anyone know of any good tuts to get Speedtree vegetation into Cryegine 5 with LOD's and collision ecte...?

Some more screenshots in Cryengine 5.5.
Image Image Image

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