AI, Human Entity & Navigation Area doesn't work.

I had this issue a while ago, but didn't had the time to take care of it. I wanted to test the simple AI and test the "human-entity", so i've set up navigation area with a human entity, on "grunt" and the other one on "player". So by logic they should attack each other and also attack me. But they don't, they do nothing. And thats my problem. Why is it like this? What can i do to locate the error, the AI seems not to work for a long time now in my project.

Re: AI, Human Entity & Navigation Area doesn't work.

Click the navigation area and look at it's properties. I don't remember what it was called but there should be something like "medium sized characters". Tick that. After that, you should recalculate the navigation areas and if you want to use it inside the launcher, export it to the engine.
I did, but it doesn't work either, i also get this messege:
[Warning] AI: <CAIHandler> Can't find AIBehavior table!
[Error] QueryTPS behavior tree node: Query 'SDKGrunt_TargetPositionOnNavMesh' does not exist (yet). Line 256.
[Error] State failed to load child.
[Error] StateMachine(134) [Tree='SDK_Grunt_07'] Failed to load State.
[Error] State failed to load child.
[Error] StateMachine(116) [Tree='SDK_Grunt_07'] Failed to load State.
[Error] Priority case failed to load child.
[Error] Priority(92) [Tree='SDK_Grunt_07'] Failed to load Case.
[Error] Modular behavior tree 'SDK_Grunt_07' failed to load.
[Error] Failed to start modular behavior tree 'SDK_Grunt_07'.

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