Remember parameters between level

I know you can use the Mission:GameTokensLevelTolevelStore and Mission:GameTokensLevelTolevelRestore to save gametokens between levels, but this only allows 10 tokens, so what if you want t o save much more. If you want the player to go back to a specific level and have everything be where the player left it. (eg. things moved, hidden, destroyed, ect.)

Is there a trick to use the normal save load system maybe?

Mikael Olsen, investigate north

Re: Remember parameters between level

"Mission:GameTokensLevelTolevelStore" is for saving token between levels, but the tokens are automaticlly saved in the level itself when the level is saved.
( if you want to save more than 10 token, use more nodes: 2 nodes for 20 tokens, 3 nodes for 30, etc... )

All objects and logics ( entities moved, hidden, destroyed, Fg nodes states, Token values, etc.. ) are automaticlly saved with the cryengine save and load system.

if you using the GameSDK, you can use the FG node "Game:SaveGame" to save and load

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