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Contact Autodesk about it but its very expensive. Cheaper to hire a programmer to do the job. Last time i contacted them they demanded $4000 for casual license and $7000 for a normal license. Needless to say i never replied back :)

Re: Level start video

Like lavizh mentioned: you can not play any video without Scaleform. The flownode that you mentioned requires Scaleform.
On CryEngine's "Roadmap" there is currently no plan to actually use another solution. But I've seen it in the votes for new features. What I want to say with that is simple: It is likely that it will be possible in the future, but if you take a look at the "Roadmap" you should not expect it this year.
Until then, the best solution would be to use a Flash animation or you could create all yor videos with Trackview (which is the "ingame" cinematic tool of CryEngine). But of course, Trackview can not import any kind of video. It is just for ingame cinematics.

- Jannis

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