Sandbox crashes without saving!

Hello all,

I was wondering if anybody tried to load Sandbox with lots of objects? if so have you noticed that the sandbox crashes and a message for sending an error report comes up...

You get to lose all your work if not saved... which puzzled me a lot! how are you going to build any game upon this problem?

Or is it the beta 5.3 version that is on test?...

Unity/UE you got royalties, Lumberyard doesn't work at all... what's left? it's like better start 2d gaming...


Re: Sandbox crashes without saving!

Hello Lavich, Thanks for answering.

I can get the log file and post it next time... I got those crashes on Windows 10.

I have tested the engine on Windows 7 and it didn't crash. I loaded it with more than 1000 AI-Human and hundreds of vehicules of all types... it did got slower and slower obviously... but what amazed me is it didn't crash! not even a single message from the sandbox except the usual warning. My mind was blown away! I really felt I was having a beast engine into my hands... I'm impressed.

So was it because of Windows 10?... I will re-install my windows10 and install CE5.3 on the C drive and test again... maybe a fresh start will fix things up!

Thanks a million

Best regards,

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