Character tool: fbx import giving error with animation events and chrparams file.

So I made a character with animation and saved it as a .fbx file. I imported it by dragging the fbx file into the character tool and letting it do its thing. It works, but when I try to run the animation the character stretches out. It says there is no animsettings file so i clicked on new and specified the Skeleton Alias. However, when I try to save it I get the error:

Can't save animevents: Animation events not specified in skeleton parameters (chrparams):
objects/characters/enemies/normal_zombie/normal zombie.caf

What does it want me to add to my .chrparams file? it already has the
<Animation name="#filepath" path="objects/characters/Enemies/Normal_zombie"/>
<Animation name="*" path="*/*.caf"/>

line of code in it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance

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