Reporting hair shader bug, and redering problem.

Hello. I am here to report a bug from cryengine 5.5
also this bug was on the 5.4

The first one it's about the hair shader blend alpha, and soft intersection
Some prints over here. <-------- this options are not working even with sdk hair or even my own hair. 5.2 and 5.3 was normal. <----- 5.2 hair blend looks ok (kinda bad from my hair texture alpha (I am still working on my character) <------ from 5.4 or even 5.5 I get this. no blend and no possible use of the smoothing features of the hair shader,

Also when I change the sys_spec (graphic configurations. in editor or game mode. hair looks totally black. no color)
I also recorded this video, (sorry for my bad English)

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