Re: Royalties if upgraded to Cryengine 5.5

isn't Unreal Engine also 5%? anyway, if you want source code and editor source code, then you pay 5%. You only start paying once your game is released for money and makes over $5,000US. If development stay on only 1 cryengine version with no updating, and no access to source code then you can avoid royalties. But fixing bugs can be hard with out source code or updating engine version.

5% seems pretty standard, and scales well. Maybe 3% for indi developers would be more helpful? but Cryengine needs to make money so that it can put more money into cryengine development.

Also 5.5 release seems to be all about stability, which cryengine needed after 3.6. But lacking in brand new features. I'm very sad that there still is no info on large-worlds, terrain streaming or increased max. terrain size.

Re: Royalties if upgraded to Cryengine 5.5

Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback. =)

I think most things have been said already, but just to make sure, you can read our FAQ here if you have any more questions regarding royalties and royalty exemption.

Bottom-line: if you are working on a CRYENGINE 5 project on a version before 5.5 you can file that one for royalty exemption. The premise is that you never upgrade it to 5.5 and don't get to use the Editor Source Code because that's our main incentive for royalties; apart from frequent updates of course. But we do understand that many of you guys were developing under the assumption it would be free and probably already did the math for releasing your project or talked to publishers; so for those of you we want to make sure this new calculation doesn't come as a major bummer or ruins any already established contracts.

For anyone who wants to keep developing a game and use Editor Source Code and 5.5's features and beyond, we feel like 5% royalties after a $5,000 annual threshold is fair.
If you are using CRYENGINE 3 or an even older version, please check your license agreement. Most people developing on CE 3 use either EaaS which is a subscription model that doesn't change or Free SDK. some of you have a custom license agreement which isn't affected by this change to CE 5's EULA.

But in doubt, just send an email to release[at] and we'll look into your case.

For everyone who isn't working on a game or other means of entertainment, please note that CRYENGINE was never free under PWYW license for products like architecture, film and simulations!

And that didn't change now, so please consult the license agreement and our FAQ regarding what products are ok to develop under these conditions and which ones need to contact our business development team for a custom solution. Generally speaking, you can do anything with CE 5 - just not under the public license agreement.
Our biz devs can help you find a custom solution; that also applies to everyone else who isn't happy with this model. Just contact them via our contact form and they'll get back to you.

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