What do you think of the community co-participation SDK?

There is now a Crytek SDK available free of charge on the market. However, this has not been regularly updated.
What I would like to suggest is building SDK packages for community involvement.

It is only used for free, like Crytek's SDK, and is meaningful to the community members' participation.

But I need help from Crytek dev. It is to verify the quality of the assets to be included in the SDK and to bundle them up and update them in the market.

Every time a community brings together assets (models, plants, animations, materials, textures, scenes, etc.), Crytek does a little inspection and updates the market with the SDK.

Of course, I can still upload assets for free as an individual member, but I think it will be an SDK that anyone can easily use if they are summarized together.

I think there are many people in the community who can submit excellent assets.
What do you think?

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